ECKO FLEET LIMITED has a o policy of carrying out the business in strict compliance with established policies of the clients as it relates to HEALTH, SAFETY and ENVIRONMENT matters in such a manner that our employees and other are effectively protected from any exposure to danger.

We strive to always consciously minimize, to a large extent damage to property, human beings and environment . The environment is of paramount importance to us. Consequently, we ensure minimum damage to the environment when working and also ensure that the environment is left almost as it were before the start of the project. 


In implementing our corporate policy, work/activity will not commence until all CASHES issues are satisfied. Every employee should report to their supervisor if they believe that any act or condition is contrary to the company CASHES policy.

Safety & Security Training 

  • Training Programs for security guards, supervisors and manager.
  • Emergency Preparedness & Response Training
  • First Aid and CPR Training

We are strict on our DRUG POLICY, and we are totally against the use of Alcohol at work place.

Safety Policy

Safety for all our staff, equipment and clients at all our project sites.


Environmental Policy


Clean and healthy environment for workers and host communities.


Health Policy


Total health protection and promotion for all our workers.



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